Jack Wruth

Topics: Testimonials

Thanks for all your help in purchasing our new home. -- John & Karyn

Your sincere and genuine ability of caring for others and believing in what you do best has made us very happy with the purchase of our cottage. Thank you. -- Dennis & Linda

I have had the honor and privilege of being an associate of Jack's for the past several years. In that time I have come to realize that Jack's knowledge, professionalism and integrity is second to none, and that his devotion to the service of his clients and customers is above reproach.

In a profession that follows a strict Code of Ethics governing the behavior of its membership, Jack has time and time again proven that he not only follows these guidelines, but strives to 'leadership by example'. This commitment to his clientele is only
accentuated by his sincerity. With Jack, confidentiality, loyalty and honesty are more than just fiduciary duties ­ they are Golden Rules.

It never ceases to amaze me that, in a profession that is always trying to improve its business practices and procedures, Jack is always at the forefront of any necessary change in order to better serve his clientele. Such a devotion to his professional duties has certainly made a lasting impression, and a leading example, to my own business
practice. -- Michael Mandzuik

Jack Wruth cares about his job, not only does he care about his job, he cares about people. What impressed me was his sensitivity to what we might be going through: selling our first home, the one we had lived in for almost 29 years. The night of our first showing, he personally called and asked us, "if we were doing all right". That meant a lot to me. He also takes as much time with you as you need, he's very personable, and he also does his homework. At the same time, he will not push his insights, or his
knowledge regarding the price you want to set for your property, he will work along side of you, in full support. Thank you Jack. -- Linda