About Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Yorkton, a city of nearly 17,000, serves as the main shopping and service center for much of east-central Saskatchewan and western Manitoba.

Yorkton's trading area extends several hundred kilometers in all directions, encompassing a population of about 200,000.

As the main trading and service center for the area, Yorkton has attracted most major retailers, restaurants, farm implement dealers, and car dealers, as well as a vast number of locally-owned businesses catering to the requirements of a rural and farm population.

Farms in the region are somewhat smaller and much more diversified than in other areas of the province, providing for a more prosperous and more stable farm economy.

There is always room for more well-operated national and local businesses in Yorkton, and all of us at RE/MAX® Blue Chip Realty will be pleased to help you find a business location or home in our thriving community.

The weather in Yorkton is generally dry and sunny. Summer daytime temperatures range from 20 degrees C to 35 degrees C (68 degrees F to 100 degrees F). Evenings can be cool, requiring a light sweater or jacket. Winter temperatures vary from +5 degrees C to -30 degrees C (40 degrees F to -35 degrees F).

Average annual rainfall of 380 mm (15 inches) ensures lush gardens, parks, and golf courses. In winter, Yorkton will receive between 40 cm and 120 cm total snowfall (15 inches to 45 inches), sufficient to encourage many winter sports, including cross country skiing and snowmobiling.

For current weather conditions in Yorkton, and the forecast, visit Yorkton Weather.

For a closer look at the economy of Yorkton and pertinent statistics, visit the City of Yorkton website.

For information about events and attractions in Yorkton, as well as places to eat, shop and be entertained, visit the Tourism Yorkton website.

For information about the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce and a listing of Yorkton businesses, visit the Yorkton Chamber of Commerce website.

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More About Yorkton

City of Yorkton Statistics
  • Population 17,603 [2008 Health Estimate]
  • Largest City on the TransCanada Yellowhead Highway [Hwy 16] between Winnipeg, Manitoba and Saskatoon, Sk.
  • Largest city in east central Saskatchewan, an area of approximately 14,000 square miles
  • Annual wholesale and retail sales have doubled in the past five years to more than $230 million
  • Other main regional industries include agriculture, potash mining,manufacturing, tourism and health services
  • More than 500 modern hotel rooms, to host major events and conferences such as the 1999 Royal Bank Cup and the 2000 Saskatchewan Summer Games
  • City-owned Gallagher Leisure Centre with hockey arena, curling rink, pavilion and convention centre [new wave pool and flexi hall] one of the finest in the province


Altitude: 1,656 feet (505 meters) above sea level

Climate: About 2,300 hours per year sunshine
15 to 45 inches (33 to 100 cm) snow per year
15 inches (33 cm) rain per year

Average family income: $33,114

Major economic activities: Agriculture, food processing, manufacturing, retail and service, tourism, potash mining

Annual sales in Yorkton: Retail, $140.5 million; manufacturing, $82 million

Annual sales in trading area: $3.6 billion

Construction: The five-year average is $9.1 million per year, but has now reached $16 million

Education: 4 public elementary schools; 4 Catholic elementary schools; 1 public high school; 1 Catholic high school; 1 regional college offering university and technical institute courses

Municipal services: Police department (RCMP); fire department; regional hospital; ambulance; mental health center; nursing home; public library; public housing; senior citizen public housing; transit system

Churches: all major religious denominations

Culture: Art gallery and cultural center; theatre for performing arts; amateur drama; amateur bands and musical groups; ethnic dance; annual film festival; museum

Recreation: indoor skating and hockey rinks, curling rink, indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, 18-hole golf course, baseball diamonds, softball diamonds, slo-pitch facilities, soccer fields, horseshoe pitch, bowling center, playgrounds, parks, ecological preserve, snowmobile trails; hunting; fishing; martial arts

Media: 3 weekly or twice-weekly newspapers, radio station, television station, cable television

Clubs and organizations: all major service clubs, Chamber of Commerce, tourism association, sports organizations, arts and cultural organizations


About Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is located in the heartland of Canada, bordered by the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Alberta, and to the south by the American states North Dakota and Montana.

The name is derived from the Plains Indian word "kisiskatchewan", meaning the river that flows swiftly.

Saskatchewan covers more than 650,000 square kilometers (over a quarter million square miles), of which half is forest, a third is farmland, and an eighth is fresh water. The farmland produces more than 54 per cent of the wheat grown in Canada, making agriculture (along with mining, manufacturing and tourism) a principal export industry.

Saskatchewan is home to a million people, many with their family roots in eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinavia and the British Isles.