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4 Things Agents Consider When Setting Listing Prices
There’s no online calculator for setting the perfect listing price for your home. It takes experience, market savvy, and even a bit of psychology. A strong listing agent can help you set the right, most competitive price for your home. Here
9 Ways to Make Guests Feel at Home for the Holidays
The holiday seasons means a flurry of activities and family time. Here are some easy ways to make sure you and your guests are comfortable through it all.  1. Sticky-roll the furniture. Have your pets been sneaking a nap on the couch when
Books About Moving to Read to Your Kids
Moving to a new home, a new neighborhood and a new school can be tough for kids. Luckily, a variety of children’s books are out there to help parents explain things, add some fun and hopefully alleviate fears.Here are a few classics –
8 Tips for Quick Cleaning Before Guests Arrive
  No doubt you’ll want your home to look its best for visiting family and friends during the holidays. Here are a few cleaning tips to minimize the time you have to spend making things sparkle. 1. Grout and tight corners Cleaning nooks