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11 Tips for Selling a Vacant Home
  You’ve moved to your new home but have yet to sell your former property. What should you do to ensure the safety and security of the vacant house?   1. Set the thermostat at no lower than 60 degrees to prevent frozen pipes. If
7 Things Sellers Can Expect From Their Open House
You’ve stashed the family jewels, power-washed the porch, and packed up your family photos. Now that the prep work is done here are a few things you can expect when people start touring your home: 1. To leave. Let your Realtor handle the open
“Does it Come With The House?”
Heavy, bulky items can be awkward to pack up and difficult to move. They also can be seen as big perks to potential buyers. If you’re willing to part with the items below, have your agent pitch them as unique features of your house. 1.
8 Tips for Staging Your Home Yourself
  When selling your home, it’s important to set the right “stage” for potential buyers. If hiring a professional isn’t in the budget, here are some tips on how to prep your home for the market: 1. Declutter You want